Sacred Earth Dreaming

The Inner Journey to Healing & Higher Consciousness  


All of our workshops have at their core the foundation of shamanic philosophy and practice ie Transpersonal Psychology, as used by our Indigenous Sisters and Brothers for centuries, some say, from the beginning of time.  The workshops are also based on healing our connection to Nature, Dreaming, Story, Spirit and a multidimensional philosophy of Life.  You do not need to believe in any of the above for your healing to take place, however you must be willing to let go of what no longer serves you,  be open to receive, keep an open mind to those things you have yet to learn and practice what you have learnt.

Each workshop has been designed with Spiritual & Ancestral permission, guidance and support in lifting you beyond your current limitations and moving you forward to your highest potential in these important times of personal, global and universal transformation.  It is in these times that you are to take responsibility for your growth and give your unique gifts in service to others......but first things first.....creating a solid spiritual foundation of understanding, purpose and self-awareness via our first workshop :