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Rite of Passage Ceremonial & Healing Retreats 

 What is a Rite of Passage?  A Rite of Passage is a ceremony that honours important transitional periods in a person's life, such as birth, puberty, coming of age, marriage, children, death, to name a few.  It is a communal supportive ceremony to witness and acknowledge the next step on your life's journey.  Using time-honoured indigenous ritual, links each individual in the process to a thread of ancient healing practice, used for thousands of years.  A person enters into a Rite of Passage in one way, with one set of beliefs and values and during the process, they shed the older self that no longer serves them and leave with a different set of beliefs and values of their choosing that will support them in their next phase of life.  Therefore, a Rite of Passage, I believe, is not just for milestones on a life journey, but can also be used in these rapidly changing times as a healing ceremony of letting go of the past and moving forward into the future of your choosing.  It must be noted here that my and my company Sacred Earth Dreaming's Rites of Passage are completely individually-centred, each person is supported in a very safe space to connect with their inner hopes, dreams and desires and make their own decisions at all times, and the ritual component of our Rites of Passage are not in any way sacrificial or dangerous or of any type of occult basis.  

Maladome Some (1998) identifies the distinguishing feature of ritual as having two sections.  Firstly, a planned structure and then allowance for the spontaneous part.

"One part is planned, people prepare the space for ritual and think through the general choreography of the process.  The other part of ritual cannot be planned because it is the part that Spirit is in charge of.  The unplanned part is a spontaneous, almost unpredictable interaction with an energy source.  It is a response to a call from a nonhuman source to commune with a larger horizon.  It is like a journey.  Before you get started, you own the journey.  After you start, the journey owns you".

Ritual is a gathering of others in order to feel Spirits call, to express spontaneously and publicly whatever emotion needs to be expressed to create, in concert with others, an unrehearsed and deeply moving response to Spirit and to feel the presence of the community, including the ancestors, throughout the experience.

From an indigenous point of view, ceremonies are events that are reproducible, predictable and controlable, while rituals call for spontaneous feeling and trust in the outcome.  In ritual ceremony, the soul and the human spirit get permission to express themselves."

During a Rite of Passage with Sacred Earth Dreaming, you will be tapping into a thread of indigenous healing practice that goes back thousands of years.  A thread that is strong in knowledge, healing, respect, beauty and wisdom.  I look forward to facilitating you through a most wonderful experience of transformation and healing.  

Blessings Mamma Mell x