Sacred Earth Dreaming

The Inner Journey to Healing & Higher Consciousness  


Menopause is a beautiful gift to Women....yep, it is !

What makes it difficult and prolonged is a lack of spiritual understanding and the resistance to let go because of it.

Menopause is a very special rite of passage for women, one that needs to be embraced and honoured as Life gives you the chance to shed, once and for all, what no longer serves you and this can be a very challenging and emotional time when you do not understand what is happening to you.  Suddenly you feel so fed up and angry and apathetic.  Your body is changing, and you're putting on weight, what seems to be before your very eyes.  You have no patience anymore before you feel you're becoming hopeless, your memories like a sieve and you feel so confused and even scared, as something beyond your control, is affecting you.   You resign into feelings of depression and resignation and wonder if you have wasted your life and is it too late now to make a new life for yourself.  The answer is that this is the perfect time to make a new life for yourself and is what menopause is all about.  YOU.

I understand exactly how you feel and because of my indigenous spiritual understanding of menopause, I was fortunate to be able to navigate this journey in an empowered way, and so I would like to offer you the following workshop to guide and support you along your journey into eldership, coaching you through it via weekly group sessions either online or in my sacred space at Lismore.

In this 12 month workshop, you will receive the following :

  • 2hrs each week to sit with other amazing menopausal women in safe space to explore the spiritual lesson and heal what is asking to be healed.
  • Be able to tap into the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies to realign and balance your energies.
  • Connect with your own spiritual guidance.
  • Empowered support, understanding, inspiration and guidance in letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • Guest speakers to talk about nutrition, exercise, sound healing session, essential oils - whatever you would like to know more about to keep you moving forward.
  • In the process of all this balancing, healing, letting go, you will begin to rediscover who you are and how you want to live the rest of your life and receive the support and coaching you need to create that desired life.
  • Email support throughout the week.
  • Positive email reminders to keep you on track.

Mother Earth is calling all women at this time to rise up in their power and help her to heal from the devastating actions of a patriarchal society of centuries.  You can help her by learning and walking this path and then gift these lessons to your daughters and their daughters.  As our indigenous brothers and sisters know about our spiritual selves, if we heal, then all who came before us and all after us heal and so does Mother Earth.  The feminine needs you to awaken.

You will learn this spiritual philosophy which will heal you, and with each step forward, you will rise like the phoenix, fully empowered in its own beauty, strength, light and wisdom.  Many of you may feel better than you ever have before, and you will begin to experience life from a whole new empowered perspective, and it doesn't cost a fortune.

Just for example, if you were to see me for personal coaching 2hrs a week it would amount to $250 per week !  That's $13,000 per year....YIKES!  But I would certainly give you a discount for your commitment of 25%, so the new cost would be $9,750 for the year.  Now, for a years worth of transformational coaching, that is a terrific investment and gift to yourself, to be able to say no to struggle, negativity and unfulfilment and yes to a brand new, happier life of your creation.  But that's not what I'm offering.

I'm offering you all the above for just A$ 572-00 !

So BOOK NOW !  The workshop starts in Autumn, the 1st March !  A reminder that all details are at the top of this page to the left.

I really look forward to our journey together, to meet you and help you.

Love and Blessings

Mamma Mell xoxo