Sacred Earth Dreaming

The Inner Journey to Healing & Higher Consciousness  

An Introduction to Shamanism

" For anyone wishing to grow their understanding of or contact with the greater spirit - this workshop is for you!  Coming to the workshop with some experience in esoteric teachings I worried I may be wasting my money on something I already knew.  "Trust in the Divinity in all things" - one of the teachings of the workshop.  I learnt more about myself and my connection with spirit and how in touch I actually am.  I am so grateful for today's teachings and excited to keep on this journey with Mel.  She is an amazing teacher / facilitator.  Grateful spirit led me to her"........Katie, Central Coast.

"Wow!  What an amazing workshop.  Mel is exceptional in creating and holding a safe and powerful space for sharing and exploration.  Beautifully weaved structure which facilitated expansive learning and insight."......Kirsty, Central Coast.

"I came into this workshop unaware of what Shamanism even was but feeling drawn to do a workshop.  Without any expectations the journey was one of the greatest "AHA" moments and clear knowledge bringing awareness to many different parts of my life, weaving them all together.  The clarity and knowledge I have walking out of this workshop is one I will take with me forever as well as sharing it with others.  The best workshop I have ever been to.  Loved it with 100% certainty !"...... Jodie, Central Coast.


Have you a desire to connect more deeply with Nature and Spirit?  Are you looking for a practice that will empower you? Have you always wanted to know how the ancient indigenous communities of our World viewed spirituality, healing and community and wanted to experience it? Then this 1-day introduction workshop is a great place to start.

During this workshop, you will:

-  Learn some of the philosophy and teachings about the Dreamtime,  Dreaming, and the Shamanic Three Worlds and become aware of  yourself as a multidimensional being.

-  Learn some of the philosophy and teachings about what it means to be a Shaman / Shamanic Practitioner.

- Learn the philosophy and purpose behind the medicine wheel, the Sacred Circle, and how to set up your own sacred space using the wheel.

- Learn the philosophy behind the shamanic journey and then  experience your own journey to your medicine place and meet your power  animal.

-  Discover your Shaman within and your unique gifts to give to the World.

-  Learn, understand and experience the importance of connecting to the earth for your health and experience a earth spirit meditation.

-  Learn and experience what is meant as being one with nature, with all that is.

Facilitated by Mell James (Ngarabal woman) the teachings within this workshop are an introduction to indigenous spirituality known as Shamanism, the Earth ways. As a spiritual teacher and channel, Mel also teaches on the day what spiritual teachings she receives from guides and Ancestors for the group. Each group is different, yet each group will have a common thread which runs through each individual, and Spirit brings those people together to me and will teach more on the common thread for healing.

It's important to note that these workshops are full of knowledge, although an introduction, it is still intensive and the information you receive will get you back onto your path and each workshop is designed for a healing outcome for all attendees. However, you will NOT be taught knowledge that only an initiated person can receive. To be an initiated Shaman takes years of learning, shedding, accepting, opening and challenges that stretch you beyond your limits and back.  There is a death of the old self and a rebirth which takes more than a few workshops !  However, what Mother Earth desperately needs now is the return to spirituality, to have her children reconnect with her where she can soothe, nurture and strengthen your spirits once again, and that is through the way of Shamanism.  Bring shamanism into your life, returns you into balance with all things.

I have had a strong connection to the Earth and Spirit since before I can remember, however my life's journey and connection to Soul and Spirit has had me reconnect with many past lives of Native American Indian, all of which have helped me to understand the knowledge I have been born with and am now able to share with you.


" A great introduction to shamanism and the dreamtime.  Mel's ways are very supportive and gentle and she explains things in a simple, clear matter making it easy to get the most out of this workshop.  Thank you Mel for giving me support in continuing on my journey of shamanism and find new tools to help me ! "......Annelieke, Northern Rivers.

"The workshop exceeded my expectations at a very affordable price.  It had a mixture of information, bonding over lunch and fun !  I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to feel a sense of connection and who may need a little life direction.  Thanks again Mel." ...... James, Sutherland

"Wow!  Today was amazing !  I feel that I have learned many valuable lessons and feel like I have finally found my way home.  There was so much valuable information.  It was fun and informative, I had a great time.  Seeing my totem animal and hearing the beautiful sound of the drum was amazing.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn what I have today and look forward to learning more in the future.  Thank you ! "........Sally, Central Coast.

This workshop gave me more knowledge into what Shamanism actually is and how it works.  Mel was very easy to understand and gave positive feedback and insight with what was being taught" ...........Leanne C Far South Coast

" I felt this wonderful experience helped me answer some questions and showed me that my visions and hunches are more powerful and real than I previously thought possible.  Mel provided such a safe and empowering space for me to journey and blessed me with some valuable tools for my Shamanism and my own journey.  I felt comfortable and safe and I am excited to participate in upcoming opportunities in the future " ........ Bronwyn M - Northern Rivers

"They say that when the time is right, the teacher appears.  Today I have been blessed with learning from Mel who I feel has the perfect kind of knowledge and philosophies that I would like to know more about.  I was concerned that today would be intense and exhausting, but the information we received was presented so lovingly and lightheartedly that the workshop energised and uplifted me and I felt like it ended too soon!" .......Emma K - Northern Rivers

"It's been a powerful and informative journey, diving into the depths of the unknown, bringing to life the wisdom that each of us holds inside and with the support of our brothers and sisters !  Thank you Mel for facilitating this amazing workshop and sharing your knowledge.  May we all reconnect and understand our own purpose and integrate it into our reality.  Much Love, Em " .....Emma H - Northern Rivers.

"Thank you so much !  I greatly enjoyed this workshop.  I feel very honoured to be here today.   I believe everyone would benefit from learning the knowledge contained in this workshop" ........ Nina B - Northern Rivers.

"I was impressed by Mel's presence during the whole workshop.  The work was very grounded and she held space so beautifully.  Everyone needs to learn this ! " ........Fran, NSW Far South Coast.

"Mel is knowledgeable and down to earth.  The environment of the workshop was beautiful and equal.  I enjoyed Mel's teaching confidence and strength throughout whilst guiding us.  Thank you Mel" - Elizabeth, NSW Far South Coast

"I had a lovely day and enjoyed the workshop.  Mel is a knowledgeable practitioner with a humble approach. She is experienced and her relaxed personality made me feel at ease and I will love to come to more of Mel's workshops" ......... Gracie, NSW Far South Coast

"Shamanic guidance and healing is, in my opinion, the most helpful way to connect with time, space and the Earth under our feet.  To reconcile with our bodies and Spirit.  It is ancient knowledge with a new truth.  I recommend the Introduction to Shamanism to any one who has a slight inkling of a call.  It is well worth it and Mel is the best teacher of it that I have experienced.  Amazing ! "  .....Janna, NSW Far South Coast

"Thoroughly enjoyed Mel's course.  Easy to understand.  Lots of things that I felt resonated very much with me.  Thank you Mel for taking the time to help me "ground" when I needed it.  I look forward to more courses / workshops" ...... Robbie - Inverell

"Mel created a beautiful, safe place for me in my journey today.  I have had many questions and today I feel I have answers I've been searching for for a long time.  If you are on a spiritual journey too then this workshop will definitely be of benefit" .... Cathy - Inverell.

"I absolutely loved today, thank you for your honesty and everything I have learn't today and in the future.  I was quite amazed with how much I learn't today and I felt safe and guided at all times.  Don't stop what you are doing Mel, the world needs more people like you at this present time xx " .....Wendy - Inverell.

"Introduction to Shamanism has ignited beliefs in me that have been lost through trauma, anger and hatred that has been directed at me.  Learning to trust me and connect to to nature and heal myself.  Thank you for today Mel ! xx ......Cherie - Inverell.

"Introduction to Shamanism provided me with the tools, confidence and essence to live my life with authenticity.  The very same day I felt "reconnected" with Spirit and the land around me.  Mel was an amazing facilitator.  I felt the connection from her ancestors and their lending support and guidance in every word she spoke.  Today helped me find my direction again and truly feel the collective consciousness within me.  I feel inspired to heal Mother Earth and my Community, all thanks to Mel.  Thank you Mel for dedicating your time, love and energy to such an important factor of life.  Thank you for inspiring me" ..... Amber - Inverell.

"Mel has a gentle and loving facilitation style, supporting people to connect to their own truth.  She delivers in a grounded and knowledgeable and accessible way x J .....Janine, Inverell.

"You created such a beautiful safe space, which as someone who experiences anxiety coming into public spaces where I don't already know someone, really helped.  There was such a beautiful, calm, comforting energy in the air and I was surprised at myself seeing a totem animal during the drumming meditation.  Thank you for facilitating in such a beautiful way that I could slowly let my ego go.  You are beautiful." ........Aswini, Central Coast.

"Reaffirmed my answers, taught me much more.  Gave me direction and modalities.  Fun, happy, safe time.  Blessings and much gratitude"......Kaylene Central Coast

"Very professionally delivered.  It was very interesting and held so well.  It exceeded my expectations. Kept me engaged all day ! .....Bill, Sydney.

"This workshop packs so much information into one day, but it's delivered in a fun, supportive environment.  Melissa is a fantastic, practical and warm facilitator and I was surrounded by like-minded people"......Kim..Northern Rivers.

"Thank you for the journey I experienced today.  Melissa's tranquility and wisdom made this a very deep and personal journey for me.  Through her gentle guidance I was able to connect with my true shaman self.  I have found tools and strategies, plus the love and confidence in myself to walk forth in my life path.  I am humbled and honoured to walk forth now xx ".....Kathy, Northern Rivers.

" Such a blessing to be part of the Introduction to Shamanism.  I felt truly honoured to be part of the smudge ceremony and sacred circle.  Learning my Shaman face and spiritual animal was confirmation for me in what my journey is in this life.  A highlight was also sharing lunch around a big table as a family connected by spirit :)  Such a wonderful enriching day which has encouraged me to explore my true purpose even further"  ..... Angie S - Northern Rivers

"The workshop exceeded my expectations at a very affordable price.  It had a mixture . of information, bonding over lunch and fun !  I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to feel a sense of connection and who may need a little life direction.  I found the answer to something I had been looking for for 10 years !".....James, Sydney.

"I thought I knew Ego - now I actually do and that ego is important to Self.  I learnt so much more than I expected and I am walking away with a little more understanding of my life and where I want it to go.  I am grateful for finding this workshop and I can't wait to expand my knowledge with Melissa !".......Ashlea, Central Coast.

"A beautiful person, Mel allows the wisdom through and delivers softly, holding space with love and insight.  Complete gratitude for this day."........Karleigh, Central Coast.

"I came into this workshop unaware of what Shamanism even was but feeling drawn to do a workshop.  Without any expectations the journey was one of the greatest AHA moments and clear knowledge bringing awareness to many different parts of my life, weaving them all together.  The clarity and knowledge I have walking out of thiw workshop is one I will take with me forever as well as sharing it with others.  Loved it with 100% certainty !!! "  ......Jo, Central Coast.

"Wow - so eye-opening - nothing like I expected.  Mel is such a knowledgeable wise soul.  I can't wait to see you again for some more learning and growing on my journey.  You have such a gift for this work.  Thank you.".......Melanie, Central Coast.

"I found the Introduction to Shamanism course a great way to set foundation and understanding for my own spiritual practices.  I learned a lot of things today and it has certainly made me more aware.  Mel has a beautiful grounding energy / teacher, and I really enjoyed being in this space today.  Thank you ! "....... Shanna, Central Coast.

"Beautifully presented, full of knowledge and ritual.  A very spiritual day yet grounded in practicality.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to rediscovering my path."......Jessie, Central Coast.

TO BOOK INTO THIS WORKSHOP please contact Mel via the Contacts page on this website.