Sacred Earth Dreaming

The Inner Journey to Healing & Higher Consciousness  


To embody one's medicine, in a nutshell, means to embody the Spirit of your Power Animal.  To embody the gifts your power animal has for you, which includes it's strengths and abilities.  Many times, when faced with a difficult challenge, I will call upon my Power Animal and/or an animal ally to help me and the ease in which the challenge then becomes so manageable still has me awe today.

When you are walking your Path as authentically you as you can, you become one that walks with the grace of the jaguar; has the knowing of the wolf; the wisdom of the owl; the gentleness of the deer; the strength of the elephant; the sight of the eagle; the magic of the crow etc.  We are never alone on our journey, and in this workshop you find that out.

I have incorporated this workshop into a 2-day workshop with the Introduction to Shamanism as it is a beautiful next step and is covered on the second day where you will:

  • Discover your medicine, your power animal and/or the animal spirit working with you at this           time on your path.

  • Embody this Spirit's energy and learn how to shift into and out of this powerful resource.

  • Embody your medicine through Art and Mask work;

  • Use the transformational mask to weave your energy and the power of your animal into being.