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Every one of us is assigned a guardian angel, and every one of us, a power animal. We do not choose the power animal. The power animal chooses us and is with us from life. We have been given everything we need, all the inner resources to help us on our journey, from numerology, astrology, DNA, spirit guides, angels, imagination, these and more, all tools to help us along our journey. Just like your birthdate is worked out to create the best vibration to give you the best resources for your journey before you enter this realm; and the characteristics of your astrological signs give you certain strengths and weaknesses to work on; so too does your power animal assist you.

Indigenous cultures believe in Animism which is the belief that all natural objects within the universe have souls and spirit runs through them. Power animals are a “supernatural” power available to us. They empower a person with the animal’s positive traits, virtues, wisdom and power. Power animals are assigned to us to also protect us and keep us healthy. When somebody comes to me for healing and they tell me how they cannot heal, they have tried everything, the first thing I look for is the connection to their power animal. When our power animal leaves us we naturally feel powerless. Some other symptoms of power animal loss are:

• Emotional depression

• Chronic illness and fatigue

• Always have the flu; compromised immune system

• Can’t maintain physical health

• Chronic misfortune; feeling jinxed as bad things are happening over and over again.

Our power animals are like spirit guides whereas they teach us, guide us, protect us. Each of us has one power animal for life (occasionally there are two), and just like spiritual guides, another animal may come to us at certain periods of time with the strength and qualities needed for that particular part of your journey. Each animal represents all animals of that species. For example, a wolf power animal has all the power and wisdom of every wolf to give to you. Our power animals come to us in visions, shamanic journeys, our dreams and quite often, in our everyday ordinary reality. They are the shaman’s protector and guide as she/he navigates the other worlds in order to receive knowledge to bring back to this Dreality for survival, healing and spiritual growth.

Power animals are so important to our overall health, wellbeing and success. Without them, we are lost. To find them again and embody their power and traits allows you to overcome your obstacles in this reality and heal. Isn’t that something you would like to know more about?

Mell James is a Ngarabal woman who teaches the shamanic way of life to empower, inspire and heal people as they reconnect to their spiritual roots. She is a strong energy healer / galactic healer who coaches people on their ascension journey.

Mell’s next INTRODUCTION TO SHAMANISM + EMBODY YOUR MEDICINE workshops are on 20-21st July on the NSW Central Coast, where she was raised. Click link for more information:" target="_blank">

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Some Benefits of Shamanic Practice

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Some Benefits of Shamanic Practice

What is all this talk about Shamanism and why should I read this Blog? Well, chances are very high that your Ancestors lived a Shamanic life and they did so to ensure survival, balance, good health and peace. Don’t you want that in your life too? So how can Shamanism benefit us in the modern era? Well, here’s a few ways to consider:

1. Self-Empowerment – by making the time to tap into your inner self and become aware of who you are and what you need in your life allows you to make empowering decisions, goals and a strong sense of acceptance for who you are. Pretty good huh?

2. By realigning yourself to the natural rhythms of the Earth you can move through your life in more peaceful and harmonious ways so say goodbye to impatience, overwhelm and stress!

3. Be the Creator of your life and say goodbye to feeling like a victim to circumstances. Yes, there’s such a thing as Fate, those things that you need to experience in this lifetime for the evolution of your Soul, however for the most part, our free will and creative imaginations give us a playground in which to express our uniqueness and have fun doing it, if only we would take responsibility for our thoughts…

4. Time out in Nature, a Shaman’s favourite place, not only strengthens the mind and immune system by cleansing our energetic bodies, but it also resets our body clock in tune with nature, allowing healthy sleep patterns to return, body systems to rebalance with the Spirit that moves through all things, joy to return as fresh air enters and purifies the lungs and the silence and connection to all that is, allows us to think calmly, clearly and connect to the still small voice within, to name but only a few things here.

5. Shamanism is the path of the heart and soul and by living from these two places, rather than the mind, you will find your purpose, your passion, your destiny which gives your life, your existence here, a much greater and deeper meaning.

This is just a few of the ways that the return to your Shamanic roots can enrich, heal and empower you to live a life of meaning and purpose. Ways in which I can personally testify to.

Join me in 2019 and let go of your current crazy way of living on “Struggle, Stress or Sad Street” and learn how you can turn that all around in a heartbeat. So, what do you say?

Mell x




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When it comes to spiritual work, INTENTION IS EVERYTHING !  We create with our "focused" attention in intention and everything within and around us needs to be in alignment with that intention.  In this article, I am going to lead you step by step in creating a sacred healing circle.

Step 1 - The first thing to ask yourself is "What does sacred mean for me?" and write it down.  Then ask yourself "What does healing mean for me" and write that down. For example, for me, a sacred healing space means a medicine wheel and connection to Mother Earth, so my Sacred Healing Space is outside and I sit on mother earth.  The beauy of nature is very healing to me and I like flowers so I pick or buy flowers and place them within and/or around my circle.

Step 2 Based on your lists of what is meaningful to you, choose an area for your sacred space that suits your needs.  If inside, tidy the area of all clutter, vacuum, wipe down walls, remove all dust, mop, whatever you need to do to make that area sparkling clean.  If outside, clear away twigs and leaves and ensure there is no accumulated rubbish anywhere near you, choose a place where you won't be disturbed by other people, animals or insects.  For example, you don't want to select a space where there is an ant colony, or under a tree where you will be swooped by magpies.

Step 3 - Create the outline of a circle with something that has meaning for you.  E.G. Stones, crystals, flowers, feathers, candles, material, etc.  and intuitively place inside the circle those things that are sacred and healing for you, plus pen and paper.  You can sit outside the circle or inside the circle.  If you choose to sit inside the circle, ensure you make the circle big enough to fit you and all your collected things, comfortably.

Step 4 - using sage, incense, eucylyptus leaves to make a smoke, space clearing essences or reiki energy if you are a reiki practitioner, cleanse your sacred space by allowing the smoke to cover your entire space with the mindful intention that the smoke is now lifting away any impure energies; or fill the circle with energy of light with the same intention.

Step 5 - Using a compass (on your iphone or smartphone) find where EAST is on your circle and place a marker of some sort there.  East is the place of new beginnings and vision so something that represents those qualities would be perfect.  It is also the place of the Eagle.  Next, place a marker at the NORTH point on your circle, the place where we find the strength to overcome our challenges.  Then, place a marker at the WEST point, the place for healing, for connecting to our Ancestors; and then a marker at the SOUTH point, the place of wisdom.  Lastly, if you are not sitting in the circle, place a marker in the centre of the circle to mark the Tree of Life.

Step 6 - Starting at the EAST point, call in the energies of the East and ask for the vision to see the bigger picture of your healing; then go to the NORTH point, call in the energies of the North and ask for the strength to overcome your challenges; then go to the WEST point, call in the energies of the West and ask for what you want to heal and ask your Ancestors to help you shed what no longer serves you; then move to the SOUTH point and call in the energies of the South and ask for new wisdom inherent in the healing.

Step 7 - Standing at the Eastern Point, take three deep slow breaths, in through the nose as you surrender to the process and out through the mouth as you let go of all expectation, and when you are ready, move to the West point and sit down or step inside the circle and sit facing the West.  

Step 8 - Write your intention on the piece / pad of paper and close your eyes and allow yourself to be still.  Do not think about the problem or how you think it could be solved.  Do not try to use your mental processes to "work it out".  Simply sit and wait to FEEL the answers.

Step 9 - When you feel you have the answer, open your eyes and write it down.  Commit to trusting what you received no matter how much or how little you received, commit to taking action on your spiritual message.  For example, maybe all you got was the colour orange.  Ask yourself, how can I tap into the colour orange?  You could wear it.  You could do some clearing work with your second chakra or just tune into the second chakra and see what presents to you.  You could eat oranges.  You could wear orange essence etc etc.  Get the idea ?

So, off you go.  Go and learn about yourself and connect with your inner wisdom and spiritual helpers and begin the journey of self healing in your very own sacred healing space.

Blessings Mell xo

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Have you always wanted to know how the ancient indigenous communities of our World viewed spirituality, healing and community and wanted to experience it? Then this 1-day introduction workshop is a great place to start and a great place to build a strong foundation for your spiritual life, allowing you to let go of the world of stress and confusion and embrace balance and harmony through a connection with Nature and your Spiritual Self.

" For anyone wishing to grow their understanding of or contact with the greater spirit - this workshop is for you! Coming to the workshop with some experience in esoteric teachings I worried I may be wasting my money on something I already knew. "Trust in the Divinity in all things" - one of the teachings of the workshop. I learnt more about myself and my connection with spirit and how in touch I actually am. I am so grateful for today's teachings and excited to keep on this journey with Mel. She is an amazing teacher / facilitator. Grateful spirit led me to her"........Katie, Central Coast.

During this workshop you will:

Learn some of the philosophy and teachings about the Dreamtime, Dreaming,and the Shamanic Three Worlds and you will become aware of yourself as a multidimensional being.

Learn and experience what is meant as being one with nature, with all that is.

Learn the importance and meaning of the Sacred Circle and how and why it is used for connection to Spirit and Earth.

Learn, understand and experience the importance of connecting to the earth.

Discover your Shaman within and and your unique gifts to give to the world.

Learn the philosophy and purpose behind the shamanic journey and then experience your own journey to your medicine place and meet your power animal.

Facilitated by Mel James (Ngarabal woman) the teachings within this workshop are an introduction to indigenous spirituality known as Shamanism, the Earth ways. As a spiritual teacher and channel, Mel also teaches on the day what spiritual messages come through for the group. Each group is different, yet each group will have a common thread which runs through each individual.

It's important to note that these workshops are full of knowledge that will get you back onto your path and each workshop is designed for a healing outcome for all attendees. You will NOT be taught knowledge that only an initiated person can receive.

I have had a naturally strong awareness and connection to the Earth and to Spirit since before I can remember, and although in this lifetime, I have inherited the body wisdom of Australian Aboriginal, I also have a very strong connection and rememberance of American Indian, Hindu, South American and Jewish lifetimes, all of which have helped me to understand the knowledge I have brought with me to share.

COST : $150

* Bring a friend and it is only $125 each.

PAYMENT can be made by contacting Mel via email at : [email protected] or by contact link on website :


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The power of a woman is the gift of the Yin, the female energy which increases in its power when used to create with. Here is just a couple of ways we naturally use this energy:-

Receiving – allowing yourself to receive the beauty all around you; love, support and nurturing from each other; intuitive connection; receiving our partner in sexual intimacy, receiving messages from Spirit. The more we receive the more we can give.

Being – allowing yourself time to just be in order to connect with the world around you, connect with nature and Spirit and hear these messages and their songs; sitting in meditation….just BE.

Healing – We are the “natural” healers, the energy we receive is healing energy and usually comes through our hands. How many times have you soothed your children or loved one with just the touch of your hand on their forehead?

There has been a lot of destruction to the planet, to each other, to all living things from an overdose of Yang/male energy and now we are being called by Mother Earth to step up into our YIN to heal the destruction. In order for harmony to re-establish itself once more on earth, there needs to be a balance of male and female energies in everything. Lots of people are led to believe that male energy is stronger than female. That is not true. The Yin is the creative energy and without it you have nothing. The Yang is the action which makes the creative energy into something, without it we have no form. An Elder once said to me that the Yin energy is the stronger of the two which is why the woman is “underneath” the man to support him. We are VERY strong us women. I think, when in balance, we support one another. Mother Earth is calling each of us women to reconnect to our feminine energy and start to create more love, nurturing, supportive systems for our communities, gatherings, strong supportive relationships and safe and nurturing homes. More flowers in the poor gardens that have been left in favour of more money to buy plastic food, for one thing...CRAZY!  Have you been hearing her call to return within and rebirth your feminine energy? A beautiful way to do that is through the practices of Shamanism.