Sacred Earth Dreaming

The Inner Journey to Healing & Higher Consciousness  

Mell James is an Australian Aboriginal woman who teaches shamanic wisdom and guides people through their own healing and awakening journeys via her transformational workshops, retreats and online psycho-spiritual counselling services.

As the founder of Sacred Earth Dreaming and a fully qualified Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner, Mell is passionate about reawakening Soul’s to the truth of their being and spiritual journey back to Source, together with sharing knowledge that educates, uplifts, inspires and supports each person to live strong in Spirit, to transcend karmic limitations and to use their gifts of Dreaming as One to create the New Earth.

Mell believes the way of the shaman is within every Soul to be reawakened. It belongs to ALL beings.  It is our natural birthright to be given the gifts of our inner senses to connect to our spiritual resources and remind us of who we are, that we are multidimensional, spiritual beings, here to learn about ourselves through connection to Mother Earth.


    • Shamanic / Spiritual Healer & Teacher
    • Shamanic Ritual &  Ceremonial Facilitator
    • Rite of Passage  Facilitator
    • Transpersonal Art  Therapist & Counsellor
    • Childhood Trauma Therapist
    • Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner
    • Master NLP Coach & Practitioner in Behaviour Change
    • Master Time Line  Therapist
    • Master  Hypnotherapist
    • Manifestation Coach
    • Spiritual Counsellor and Intuitive
    • USUI Reiki Practitioner
    • Angelic Reiki Practitioner
    • Pranic Healer
    • 38 years psychic channel / medium
    • 40 years spiritual visionary & conscious keeper of  shamanic knowledge.
    • 27 years meditation teacher
    • 10 years spiritual workshop facilitator
    • 20 years Event Management