Sacred Earth Dreaming

The Inner Journey to Healing & Higher Consciousness  



As a Spiritual Life Coach & Transpersonal Counsellor, I help you change the quality of your life by teaching you Divine lore, reconnecting you to soul consciousness, become aware of your spiritual wound and lessons including your current limiting beliefs systems and helping you let go of what no longer serves you so you can re-enter the flow of your abundance.  I help you to create a more meaningful life, one in which you are living your true purpose and experiencing real joy by living in your natural flow of life.  By learning to connect and trust your own inner wisdom, you feel more empowered in this world to make positive changes, not only in your own life, but in your family, your community and the World.  I can help you shift the inner blocks you have to experiencing the happiness, peace, love and abundance that as Souls, we are worthy of as our natural birth right.  Yes, you ARE worthy of the very best in life and YES there is enough in this world for everyone to be abundant for we each create what we focus on the most.  I would love to work with you and help you to achieve a peaceful and happy life. Working with me will allow you to see your life from a bigger picture, in a new light where you are the creator of your destiny and that makes living a lot of fun !  You will deepen your sense of self, of life and connection to Spirit.  

In order to make positive change in your life, you need to make a commitment to yourself of 3 months. It's taken years of negative reinforcement to get you where you are right now and it takes time to reinvent yourself, to peel back the layers of this negativity with the Light of Knowledge.  

A 3-month HEALING Coaching Package consists of the following:

  • A 1-hr coaching session via Skype every week for 12 weeks. Normally valued at $$2,200.
  • Up to 5 email contacts each week for 12 weeks.  Normally valued at $900.
  • Copy of all processes and PDF working documents to help you connect within, to meditate, to change your belief systems, to help you self-reflect along your personal journey.  Valued at $550. 


Valued at $3,650 !!

Let me ask you this "What would changing your life from one of feeling like a victim, disempowered, lacking energy, abundance and love, to a life filled with inner peace, joy, feeling empowered and totally on top of your game and to create everything you desire in life, be worth to you, honestly ?  A lot more than $1297.00?

Book in NOW and begin the journey of a better life or attend one of our transformational workshops / retreats.



Mamma Mell


An initial Shamanic Healing session starts with getting to know one another first.  It's important that you understand what our healing sessions will entail and that you feel comfortable with me and are able to trust me.  This is very important.  Then you will tell me what is not working in your life, your story.  I will then journey for you to understand your Landscape and come back to tell me what I have seen.  We take it from there.  Some kinds of shamanic healing processes we will do together could be:

  • Energy Clearing and Energising
  • Extractions
  • Journeying
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Art Therapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Limiting patterns clearing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Ritual
  • Ceremony
  • Reiki / Hands On Healing work
  • Channelled Wisdom for greater understanding
  • Teaching Techniques to incorporate into your daily life to bring you back into balance

Shamanic Healing is a partnership between you, me, our spiritual helpers and ancestors and each need to play their part.  The most important characteristics I look for in you is your ability to receive, your ability to trust, and your commitment to your healing journey.  If these are not there to begin with, this is what we will start the healing journey with.

Although you will notice you feel differently about things, are much lighter, feel more empowered and more energised after a healing, it is usually only a layer of healing we have worked with on that day.  Depending on how committed you are to healing (for as we heal, so does everyone before us and after us in our ancestral line), I suggest a once a month healing session which will allow for 3 weeks of integration, processing, re-balancing to occur before we see each other again,

COST:   $110-00 per session